Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mandala Monday #8 - late!

Hello folks, I hope you had a Marvellous Mandala Monday!  I wasn't feeling particularly Marvellous and I forgot to post. So sorry, but here it is, a day late.

This Mandala was so fine in detail that I moved onto fineliner marker pens for it.  I love it, it made for some great moments of concentration and now it's amazing to look at.  For now, it is staying in the book with all the rest of them, but maybe someday I'll come up with a great way to use them in something bigger.

Feel free to share links to your mandalas in the comments, or any Instagram accounts with great mandalas in them!

I look forward to sharing more Mandalas with you soon!  Keep it Marvellous!  x


Wendy said...

ooh that is detailed ... well done :-) Looks fab!

JB said...

That would look nice in a repeat pattern for fabric.