Wednesday, 8 March 2017

CAL Wednesday: Pick 'n' Mix Part 3

I haven't been posting my Pick 'n' Mix CAL squares in a while, but I assure you, I have been making them!!  I did get a little bit behind on them as the other CAL I'm doing, the Secret Garden CAL, has been taking up a lot of my crochet time too!  I love them both!

This pair of squares, at first glance, appeared to be standard grannies, but they're not!  Instead of three treble crochets in each chain space, they in fact are 3 treble clusters!  So they make little points instead of little rectangles.  I love this small difference.  It adds character.

You'll notice the lighting conditions and background are different... this is because I was far far away in a country cottage in Herefordshire with several other mad birds this weekend just gone.  I used the time to catch up on a lot of CAL squares but I'm not quite there yet!!!

I thought I'd pace myself posting it all though, so Wednesdays will be for posting CAL squares until I run out... although I have discovered that I do love a CAL so the two I'm doing will not likely be my last.

So, Mondays are for Mandalas, Wednesdays are for CALs... What's coming up on Friday?

Watch this space!

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