Sunday, 24 February 2013


Brighton Model World  is going on this weekend.  I know it's a bit too late by the time you read this to go down there, but I'm pleased to say that my kids are there, and have been since Thursday!  I specifically ring-fenced this time for Craft-a-Palooza, my own personal time to craft and do whatever I want to.  I have been trying to divide my time responsibly (there is still the dreaded housework to be done, after all!) and I think  I've cracked it.

For some reason, the lights aren't working in the kitchen.  They stopped working Friday night sometime.  All I know is I came downstairs from a cat-nap (preparation to stay up late watching The Art House Studio on Ustream) and I had no lights in the kitchen.  Not likely to be a bulb problem as there are three bulbs.  The couldn't all have gone out, could they?  It didn't pop the circuit breaker either, so it wasn't that.  Mystery!

What this has forced me to do is take into account daylight.  I must crochet with daylight coming in through the window over my shoulder.  If I attempt to crochet with the room light on in front of me I will  get eye strain and later on a focal migraine.  I found that natural light from behind me allows me to crochet for a longer time with no eye strain.  Natural daylight is also required for me to use (and clean) the kitchen, so I had to do that before I settled down to craft.   After sunset, I can focus on crafts that I can do with interior lights on, which is pretty much everything else.

In the photo above is a waistcoat I have been making bit by bit since August.  All  I have left to do is sew up the shoulder seams and crochet borders around the armholes and neckline.  It can be done!!  I live in hope.


KraftyKaren said...

Hope you managed to get some crafting done x

Wendy now has your SU stuff (plus the CM bits) she popped round Sunday afternoon to pick up.

Wendy said...

waistcoat is looking good :-)