Monday, 25 February 2013

Craft-a-Palooza: Catching up with the Purple Mirror

Please forgive the odd angle on this one.  It is now hanging on a wall and I detest pictures of mirrors with cameras in them.  Strange pet peeve, I know... but... that's me.  :P)

Scroll down to see another picture of this mirror from the "before-time."   Before what?  Before Micaceous Iron Oxide.  That's the black stuff you can see in two corners of the mirror.  I decided after much thought that this mirror needed some overlay on the corners that didn't have the texture paste on it.  There's enough space in the design that you can still see all the lovely crackling effects, plus the black stuff has a lovely sparkle to it that you can't see in this photograph.

Close ups and more mirrors to come. :)  This was a Friday Night Craft-a-Palooza job I got done.  I dearly wish I had more to show for four whole days at home without the kids.  So far, I have blogged this, the waistcoat (now finished but probably awaiting customisation, knowing me...) and my art journal page.

There hasn't been  nearly enough crafting, but there has been a bit more, which you will see tomorrow.

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Wendy said...

Wow, that looks fantastic :-) Don't forget, now you have to make it up to a set of three...... LOl