Saturday, 11 September 2010

It's Saturday-- and it's Live!!!

I don't want to spoil the illusion for you all but I will--

I schedule my blog posts.

Yes, you heard it here... if I have a lot to post, I spread it out into the future so you can read a little bit every day. I had blogged so far into the future at one point that I wasn't doing too much to tack onto the end of my queue of scheduled posts and now here I am, with no pictures at the moment.

I'm going to a crafty retreat in Eastbourne next weekend. I don't want to pack loads and loads of stuff, especially since my first day is filled with classes where everything is provided. So I've made up page kits-- just the photos and chosen cardstock with a vague idea of what I'm planning to do with them-- and my most-used embellishments are in my scrap tote. But there's more work to do before the weekend!!

I love a "hand-cut" title using a fantastic font, and I now put the "hand-cut" in quotes because I have a Craft Robo to cut it for me, so it's hardly hand-done now. This requires preparation though. I need to now take out all my kits and cut titles, pack the titles into the kits and put them back. I shall be doing that today and hopefully the job won't run into tomorrow. I don't think it'll really take that long if I have my ducks in a row. We shall see!!

I have been making flowers like crazy. I am loving my floral punch craft so you'll be seeing a lot of that but I'm considering trying to stretch it out over the fridays so my flower-phobic friends can just avoid the area on that particular day of the week. I'll see how far in the future that takes me though... I think I've got months of work to post if I do that. :)

I know that many of my followers are going on this retreat too-- how's the packing going?

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KraftyKaren said...

Zilch packing done so far and no page kits made up either :-(. I will work on my badge later.

Sy I always schedule my posts as it saves me having to update the blog on a daily basis. And if you need to add in an extra post to fit in with challenges then it is so easy to change all the dates on the posts that were scheduled to fit in the extra post.

See you next Friday!!!!!!