Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lumpy Space Princess Collage

I am a frequent watcher of a weekly Ustream by Karen Ellis of The Art House Studio.  In one of her streams she used the Brother Scan-N-Cut to make a mask and a stencil for a project involving Dr. Who and the phrase "Fezzes are cool."  I knew straight away I wanted to do something with the technique with Lumpy Space Princess.  I drew her on paper and cut her out for a mask and made a collage of cut out images of her from a magazine and some stickers,  sealed it with gel medium and masked off her shape.  I painted the negative space first with purple and later with dark blue because the purple didn't provide enough contrast.  I over painted the collage as well to dull down some of the more distracting elements.  Lastly, I painted her tagline on the bottom.  Voilà!

If you'd like to see the original tutorial,  look up The Art House Studio on Ustream or Karen Ellis on YouTube.  Karen's blog is at:

Check her out for arty crafty goodness.

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Karen Ellis said...

Oh. My. Glob
LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing and letting me know you did!! xo Hope to see you next Thursday night :)