Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Starting the New Year in Style!

First of all, some news!

I have finally moved house and acquired my very own craft room--- studio--- whatever we're all calling them nowadays.  I'm so excited to have the space set aside to do whatever I want and not worry about having to tidy it away for dinnertime.  It means I can let paint dry, which in turn means I can actually paint!

Secondly, how are you fixed for inspiration in the coming year?

I was lucky to experience Creative JumpStart 2013 in January of this year.  It was an inspiring experience and in the end I was so happy with what was given to us all for free that I decided to make a donation.

In my weekly Skype chat with fellow crafter Wendy, I found out that Creative JumpStart 2014 was open for registration.  This year they are asking for a modest fee to offset costs and I was perfectly happy to pay up front because I know the quality of what is on offer.  Roll on 1st January!  I am going to finally stretch out my creative muscles in my new arty-crafty space!!!

Would you like to join in with me and do CJS 2014?  There is a forum for all participants.  I'm sure that many of us will become fast friends through this creative journey.  Click the photo above for details, or if that doesn't work, here's the link again:   http://www.nathaliesstudio.com/cjs/creative-jumpstart-2014/

I have been up to quite a bit craft-wise but I'm not sure I remembered to photograph much of it.  It's Christmastime and a lot of it is much of a Christmas muchness.  I may take some snaps and get posting later on.

Oh, have I mentioned I'm on Instagram?  My username is HapAxStudios, as it is on Twitter and Pinterest as well.  If you're reading this and you'd like to add me on any of these apps, I'd be delighted and will add you back! :)

HapAxStudios is short for Happy Accident Studios and is my business name.  I am also planning some vlogs (video blogs) as well.  It's all happening now that I'm actually in a studio!   Come join me all over the internet and hopefully at Natalie's Studio for CJS 2014. :)

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