Sunday, 22 September 2013

Nearly done...

I'm nearly done with one of my daughter's decorative cushions.  I thought I'd share with you my solution for cleaning up the look of the Suffolk Puffs (yo-yos). 

My initial idea was to sew a button in the centre of each one.  I didn't have enough buttons in the right size.  In fact, I didn't have any buttons the right size!  The larger ones covered up to much of the puff and the smaller ones got lost inside.  After trying and failing to use sequins, I settled on small beads that I got at the 99p shop!  Success!

I perfected my technique quite far down the cushion, so I do need to go back and fix a few mistakes. 

I was so glad to finish my last Suffolk puff that I swore I'd done my last one, but I'm so pleased with these results that I'm already thinking about what to do next!

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Wendy said...

They look fabulous :-)