Saturday, 27 April 2013

Crafting in the Car!

Yes.  You are looking over the steering wheel at my impromptu craft area in the school car park.  Cameron's tenth birthday was coming up and I decided to christen some of my new Stampin Up goodies by making some cardstock wraps for some Oreo snack-packs.  He passed them out on his birthday.

I park in the school car park, bring something to do and wait for Victoria to get out of cheerleading.  There's no point going home for the sake of an hour, so if it can be done in the car, it will be done on Tuesday afternoon (until the weather is better for the park).  Cameron helped me out with this project.  He chose the cardstock and cut it into the right size strips.  This made quite a lovely dent in my cardstock stash!

Here's the end result:  A box full of wrapped Oreos for his classmates.  He was so excited to give them out!

Next step-- invites and party bags.


KraftyKaren said...

Awwww so sweet.

Hope you are coming to the next crop - I still have your's and Cam's birthday cards/pressies waiting here

Wendy said...

bless him :-) those SU punches and stamps look really good too :-)