Monday, 8 April 2013

Another Mirror Frame, Blazing New Trails!

Hmm.... it didn't photograph too well... but here it is!

On Friday night, I watched Karen Ellis on Ustream as I usually do.  She took a bit of MDF and worked her magic on it and it was very cool. :)  She thickly applied structure gel to the wood through a stencil, applied colour to it in her special arty way when the gel dried... then painted a coat of white on and proceeded to remove the white from areas that were raised.  The result was fantastic.  A lot more fantastic, I must say, than what you are seeing here.

I used a 6x6 stencil, repositioned repeatedly to get the entire frame covered,  and I think the pattern is way too intricate to be effective, but lesson learned. :)  I still really like the look of it.  I might dry-brush a bit to try and catch the design a bit more, but I'm going to leave it a while and think about it. :)

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Wendy said...

interesting technique, and another mirror done! Looks good :-)