Saturday, 19 March 2011

Late Entry: Koochie Copey!

Hello, crochet fans!

Sorry for my absence on Wednesday. Truth is, I thought I had already blogged enough squares to take me through. Oops.

Here is your reward: A crochet post without a square in it!!! Yes, I have been making... *gasp* Other Things!!!! I know, right? Madness!

This little green guy is called Koochie Copey. You will not understand...

...unless you watch Bob's Burgers, Episode 2: Crawl Space. Then, it will all become clear.

"Things could be better, Koochie... Things could be better."


KraftyKaren said...

Not a clue what it is but very sweet anyway LOL!!

fenrir said...

That absolutely ROCKS! Me and my friends have loads of In-Jokes about this - good on ya!! Looks fantastic!
you have a pattern I could copy so I can make one for my niece??

Me said...

Terrific! Can't really make this sorta thing myself, but my mate and I are forever joking about outside proteins and mean little night lights.
Good on you! BOM BOM!

KarmaCraft said...

Alas, I have no pattern. The notes I was making as I made this little guy disappeared with my cell phone. I'm so glad someone else has Koochie Copey in-jokes!!! Yeah, Go Bobby!!! Go Tina!!!