Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cocktail Invites

I thought I'd share something that's not scrapbooking, crochet or Floral Punch Craft with you. It's a rarity, but I am actually still making cards. This is one of four invitations to my birthday drinks and meal.

Paper: For the bg paper, I used a pad that came free with a magazine. It's good paper and I like what the designer does with shading.

Stamps: The Party Time stamp is a very very old Anita's stamp that I have un-mounted, so I can't be entirely sure of the make... I think it was an Anita's one that I bought at Artbase when they had a shop in Lakeside. The cocktails stamp is from Bombshell Stamps, from a set called Tiki Party. It's a great set, I've used it quite a lot for various things. I love their stuff!

Die-cuts: Wendy let me borrow her Nesties. I don't use them myself, so I asked her if she would kindly cut me an oval out of white and a scalloped oval. I also nicked a "scrap" (it was huge!) of Bazzill Bling from her scraps box. It was the perfect colour! Thanks, Wendy!!!

This week, I am working on 32 party bags for my son's birthday. he will be bringing them to school as goodie bags for his classmates. Nothing super-expensive-- the lot came from the 99p shop and the bulk of it is sweets-- just a little something for his friends. Perhaps I'll post pics on Thursday. That will be a week before they're due to be given out. If I finish them by then I will be proud of myself! I am usually the queen of procrastination.

Speaking of procrastination, I have so much of it to do right now it's piling up and pinning me to the sofa!

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