Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A bean too far?

Welcome to my kitchen, home of coffee overkill. How may I help you?

We can now serve all manner of hot beverages. Not that we couldn't before, but if you prefer your latte to come to you in seconds rather than minutes, we now have a Tassimo machine.

I was in two minds about getting one. I bought one from eBay for half the retail price and it's good as new.

My husband wants espresso-based coffee drinks even if I'm not around to make them. He hasn't got my mad barista skills, so the Tassimo bridges the gap.

I don't intend to use it regularly, but it will be good if I'm in a hurry or we've run out of milk. Tassimo lattes are made with UHT milk pods. If our lovely fresh doorstep milk runs out, these will do. It's a nice kitchen gadget, I must admit.

The only thing that remains is how to recycle the pods. I hope the council take them!
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1 comment:

Scrappy~Sarah said...

enjoy....if foil surely they can go in the tin recycling??