Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Art of Crochet Square 48

Another month, another new shipment. This one's an obvious repeat too. I have finally cracked it though-- to make it look more even, I took one row of aubergine trebles out of the pattern. Now it's fine, and looks more like the right size.

This square requires use of scraps of yarn saved from leftover issues. Recently, I went through my scraps and combined them all together by colour into a single ball per colour-- 8 in total-- and I am finding it much easier to have scraps to hand. Because I have been using my scraps, I find I have many unused skeins sitting in a bag. If they are complete skeins, I keep them in their original form. They may come in useful when the throw is completely finished and I want to make something to go with it.

In other crochet news, the cushions I made for my mother-in-law went over very well indeed. She has requested some more next year!! I would be happy to do so as I have many cushion patterns on file, thanks to the partwork.

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