Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My First Award! Thanks Sarah!

My first ever Blog Award! Hooray! I like these things because it gives you a chance to showcase people you think are talented. But first, to business.

Upon accepting this award, I am required to name seven creative things I've done lately, and since I haven't posted for two weeks, this should be easy.

I have:
1. Crocheted a sweater for my daughter
2. Tarted up an already-made card for a friend's birthday
3. Worked on my cross-stitch UFO until I got eye strain
4. Coloured an image with my new Copic Ciao markers
5. Started a new amigurumi robot matryoshka
6. Crocheted my ninth square for my partwork project
7. Begun re-organising my craft area... big job!

And now to nominate the next generation of winners! Congratulations to Stempelienje, Miss Magoo, Mrs. E. Taylor, Glittery Katie, and Nicole Maki! There are many more I would love to regale with this award, but I need to leave these winners somewhere to go too!

I promise, more crafting to come. Bombshell has some faboo challenges this month so I'm going to be completing them for sure! Stay tuned. :)

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