Saturday, 24 April 2010

Crobot Family!

I've been enjoying a bit of crochet lately-- in fact, quite a lot-- but I haven't been sharing it with you! Sorry about that... Remember Crobot 1.0 and Wheely? They have now been joined by Matryoshka. Here they are together sitting on my desk next to my dinner plate.

They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sumo. His body and limbs are finished and his arms have been attached, but he still needs his legs to be put on and embellishments added, plus he also needs hair and his little Sumo pants. Oh, and a face. Lots to do then. :)

I just thought I'd check in. I need to get a picture of the sweater I've made for my daughter. It looks great, it actually fits, and it has survived its first wash. She loves it!

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KraftyKaren said...

Awww so sweet - I am looking forward to seeing more additions to the family.