Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year, New Purpose.

This blog has had few posts to it and many intended purposes. My first post was about a cardmaking challenge I participated in and then it became a crochet blog to attach to my Ravelry account. I am now re-integrating the cardmaking bit, so this blog is now a challenge blog and a crochet blog!

I got a great new book for Christmas called Crobots from Wendy. It's patterns for 20 Amigurumi robots! They use felt and stitching and small items of hardware to embellish the little robots.

I chose one to begin with, because it called for pink yarn and I had enough left over from a hat I had made the previous day for my little girl. So I started making it and with a few little changes to make up for notions I didn't have, Crobot 1.0 was born!!!

She's missing her control panel on her head at the moment, but I have gone to the market today and bought some felt in a rainbow of colours so I can now make the required items. :)

I didn't have any white felt at the time so I made the eyes with white and changed the yarn to black for the outer round, but I may now cut eye bits from the white felt I now have so that I can assemble the eyes properly. They look a bit strange at the moment!

I will be using this blog a bit more now, putting actual photos in it this time so that it's useful to people outside Ravelry. Ravelry members can see my entire body of crochet work. I will try to upload some of my 'retro-goods' and write a little about each one. For now, ta-ta!


Gabby said...

Awww...that's so cute!

Heather said...

I've given up calling my blog a 'knitting blog' because I do so much other stuff, AND knit. It's just my craft blog now. I think 'craft' covers everything I do. :)