Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Scarf Search!

I'm not a coat person, but occasionally I could use a scarf just to cover up my neck when the wind blows. Now that I crochet, I have no excuse not to make my own, so I'm trawling Ravelry today looking for patterns. I've found quite a few (they're in my queue now) but I've just got pretty jazzed about one of them.

It's the Tulip scarf (check my queue). I have this patons 100% cotton DK in sage green and ivory that I'd love to use. It's nice and neutral and I can alternate the colors to make the flowers appear. It'll be great!

Up until I found that one, scarves seemed all much of a muchness if you know what I mean- you got the twisty kind, the complex lacy kind, the kind made up of a string of motifs... but this one looks excellent.

I'll have a go anyway and see where it gets me. :)

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