Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Testing something out...

Hmm... so I don't have an actual theme for this entry today, but it is merely a test vessel for Mr. Linky.

I am considering taking over Blogtober for a friend and I need to know whether I'm capable of using this thing correctly before I start.

So here's the thing:
If you want to share your latest blog entry with me, please do!  Use the Mr. Linky below and we'll see if it works.

Thanks in Advance!

Here's another one we can try, SimplyLinked:


KarmaCraft said...

I don't really like it much, but is it better than linking in comments? I'd like your views.

KarmaCraft said...

Simply Linked seems to work better... maybe we can use that!

Wendy said...

both seem ok, though my link hasn't appeared yet, will check back later