Thursday, 12 November 2015


Harry's... Not Just Another Restaurant!  I had so many stories and memories of Harry's that I couldn't even fit them all on the page.  I didn't have room for embellishments or anything, I just had to write, write, write!  I was even removing pieces of photos that I didn't desperately need, just so I could fit another paragraph in!

This page has value, even if it's not really all that visually pleasing.  For me, the part of scrapbooking that made me start doing it was the ability to put the stories next to the photos.  I wasn't particularly interested in the artsy stuff at first.  I like it now, when there's room in the design to have it there, but for me, the priority is photos, stories, safe materials, embellishment.  If I didn't have room or time for that last one, it just has to go.

I love all aspects of scrapbooking now but the stories and photos together are what makes it satisfying for me.  So that's another story told.  What's next?

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