Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hey, thanks, Bex!!!

This photo has nothing to do with the title.   Just thought I'd let you know.

I'm just making some notes because I decided to blow apart my website and start fresh.  So there's nothing there at the moment.  All I have are place fillers and a notebook full of to-do's.  Joy.

But let's get to the title.  It appears that by leaving a comment on The Weird Scissors blog (also part of blogtoberfest 2014) I have won something!!!!  As I'm not sure whether the prize was mentioned or what it was if it was mentioned, I have a surprise coming my way from France!  Woo-hoo!!!

So I'd like to thank Bex and everyone at The Weird Scissors for... whatever it may be!

1 comment:

KraftyKaren said...

Look forward to seeing what you have won