Thursday, 12 June 2014

Miss Moo's Invitations

It's that time of year again when I drop everything and make birthday party invitations for my Moo.  She helped this time for the second year running.  She chose the background paper, stamps and ribbon for my basic design.

We used a Stampin Up punch and stamp for the greeting, ribbon from my jumbled collection including some from Meiflower, fancy card blanks from who knows where (sorry) and the patterned card featured in my Farnborough Show Haul video.  It's from those pads you can buy at The Range where some of them are embossed, glittered,  flocked etc and the rest are double sided.  Inky edges added the final touch.

The only thing that remains is to attach the information inside and put them in their envelopes ready for delivery tomorrow!

Sorry I've been away.   As I was making a vine of this it struck me that maybe I should blog it. :)


Wendy said...

Like the way the plain squares look inside the fancy blanks .... which I believe came from Jill, at the same time as mine did :-) I had better start using mine then LOL

KraftyKaren said...

Are they craftwork cards? They do a lot of fancy shaped cards. Really lovely invites, Vixie chose well x