Saturday, 9 March 2013

Broomstick Lace Square

Broomstick Lace is the crochet technique shown here.  There are four rows of four broomstick lace stitches in stripes of colour.

I learned Broomstick Lace from Naztazia on YouTube.  Check her tutorial out and you'll be making these in no time!

I did alter the technique slightly to accommodate my needs.  In Naztazia's instructions the stitch is a cluster of five loops held together by five stitches, but as my square was only to be 16 stitches in length, I clustered four loops and held them together with four stitches.  This enabled me to keep to the scale of the project.  When I was finished with the rows of loops, I continued around the border with chains to help with future assembly.

Squares of this colour combination are going into a special project that I'm doing with my mom.  She lives in the USA and I live in the UK.  We are crocheting different squares with the same yarn.  When  we make a square of a certain type, we make two of them.  We keep one and send one out.  We will each have the same exact squares, half made by each of us, and we will each be able to keep it.

I've done more squares.  I'll post these too eventually.   You have been warned!


Wendy said...

that does look very impressive :-)

Linda Wareham said...

What a lovely idea to share with your mum like that. Nice square - looks very complicated!