Saturday, 11 February 2012

Copic and ProMarker Matchup!

I started my solvent-based marker collection with Copics and when my preferred retailer started selling ProMarkers, I made the switch.

Not to be wasteful, I decided to go about matching my existing Copics up with their nearest ProMarker counterpart and fill in the square on the colour chart so I don't double up when buying ProMarkers.

I tried to look online for a list of matches but I didn't have much luck. So as a service, I will list my own Copics and the ProMarker colours that are close enough to them.

Please note: If you have colour OCD, this may not be good enough for you. ;) Yes, you know who you are... ;)

I only have 13 copics plus a blender pen, so this will be a short list.

E0000 is closest to Almond.
E00 is closest to Blush.
R11 is closest to Soft Peach.
YG11 is closest to Meadow Green. Thanks to Lili of the Valley for this one.
G14 is closest to Grass.
G05 is closest to Emerald.
BG10 is closest to Pastel Green.
BG49 is closest to Petrol Blue, although Marine is also a good match.
B97 is closest to Midnight Blue.
BV00 is closest to Lavender.

There are three more in my collection I am attempting to match:
E02 - I think this one may be Peach or Apricot.
BV04 - Search me. I thought it was Prussian Blue but it just isn't...
B93 - Blue Pearl is too purple, Duck Egg is too green. It's right in the middle of those. It would make a really gorgeous gradient though. It's a skotche darker than Denim blue and less purple than cornflower. Hmm...

My work is not quite done. Any ideas or suggestions? Please comment. Perhaps we could build up a Copic/Promarker matching database with our combined experiences. Please click the title of this post and send the link to anyone you think might be interested. We could be helping the greater craft community here.

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KraftyKaren said...

You should start a thread about this on UKS - bet there are loads of ladies on there that use both.

Karen x