Monday, 9 January 2012

Art of Crochet Square 88

Happy New Year to my readers!! This is my first post of the year.

I have been otherwise engaged since late November. I decided to develop and teach beginners' cardmaking course. If you know anyone in the East London (UK) area who would like to start at square one and see what it's all about, send them to my website. I teach at set venues or in students' homes, party-style.

Shameless plugs aside, I have been crocheting a bit. I had laid my crochet squares aside so I could make two sofa cushions for my mother-in-law for Christmas as I did last year. I worked like mad on them and finished them in record time, then went back to the squares after about a week off.

This one was fun to re-visit in a different colour combination. I love colourwork. This one requires that I carry the most-used colour up the side of the work and I don't think I quite have the hang of keeping it neat. I may have to hide it when I sew it all together.

Getting back on the partwork horse lit a fire under me so I've been churning out squares like mad! I still have a few to make before I catch up with deliveries, but what is more exciting for me is that I have the instructions to assemble the third quarter of the throw! I will be doing that in the next few days, I hope. Then I can get back to the crochet.

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