Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Two Title Pages

Here's two title pages I made for my scrapbooks. My title pages have evolved over the years, but they always have the same words on them: Our name, the year, and the months of the year covered in the scrapbook. I don't like my books to get too huge and unwieldy, so I used to divide my years into 4 albums, but now I can fit them into two. I haven't got babies anymore, and sadly I'm not as snap-happy as I once was. Hopefully, this is just a phase and I will start taking more photos.

Title pages are a great opportunity to keep it simple and just add a minimum of decorations just to punch it up a little. On both of these, I used border stickers, my Robo cut font and not much else. I left room on the 2011 one to put months in if I need to. I'm not sure yet how many albums this year's pages will be in.

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