Friday, 11 February 2011

FPC Friday - Christmas Cards

These lovely Christmas cards are based on Poinsettias taught by Jane Gill at the Cardinal Colours Retreat in Eastbourne in September last year. The card design is mine, the flowers were from her class.

I'm not sure which FPC book these are from, but it must be one I don't have, or they could be Jane's own, I'm not sure. They are lovely and when made assembly-line style, they took no time at all. I made all the leaves, petals, and middles, gave them all their character, put them into little boxes and then assembled them later. I still have quite a few holly leaves still done. They'll keep til next year, I'm sure. I just have to remember who did and didn't get them last year so no one gets a repeat!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

they are beautiful

KraftyKaren said...

LOL Sy - you gave me one so I am expecting something different this year! But I have kept the poinsetta card as it is so beautiful I cannot part with it and will put it up again next year (that doesn't excuse you giving me a new card though!!!)

Karen x

Jennibee's Cardspot said...

Very nice Sy....why haven't you been posting all these beauties on FPC web site for us all to see???
I have left something on my blog for you
Love Jenni