Friday, 17 December 2010

FPC Friday - Flower 21

This is it!! The final individual flower in Floral Punch Craft Book One by Leone Em. You've seen it before because I've used it on a card, but this one has some subtle differences and I think the flower is all the better for it.

This flower is made with (I feel like a broken record here) the Jumbo Sun punch. I didn't have it before and had to resort to using the sun punch I already had, which didn't really do the job.

The old flower had seven layers-- this one has ten.

I used more than one colour to shade the petals.

These little changes made good flowers into great flowers!! I will be making these again.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

That is beautiful :)

KraftyKaren said...

Really lovely - yes I can see the difference as I have the other sun punch.