Monday, 1 November 2010

Debden Part 16

Mummy Made It! This goes for the sweater pictured and the page scrapped. :) Brenda Pinnick again, plus two small perpendicular diamond-lace (fiskars) rectangles supporting a small corsage in the corner of punched leaf sprays, punched buttons, and prima e flowers. Robo-cut title of course. :)

Victoria is wearing the sweater I made for her. She really does love it and when she puts it on she doesn't want to take it off!

Today is my mom's birthday. I used to watch her crochet when I was little. Now it has come full-circle and my little one watches me crochet too. When her dexterity improves I will give her a hook and some yarn... assuming she wants them...

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KraftyKaren said...

Fab cardigan - she looks so sweet in it. I remember when all my nieces and nephews use to wear the stuff that I knitted for them. I just wish that back then I had taken loads of photographs of all my creations, but of course I didn't know back then that one day I would be a scrapbooker and would want to document all these things.