Monday, 17 May 2010

Invitations completely from Scraps!

This is a proud moment for me. No, really. Besides some stickles and permanent adhesive, these seven party invitations were made entirely from scraps. No card blanks were harmed in the making of these invitations!

I saw this idea somewhere before, basically when you pull up the flowery bit, the invitation is on the bottom. The pot is like an envelope.

I remembered that this project exists somewhere on the internet, but I had to completely re-invent how to do it in my head because I forgot exactly where the instructions were. I used two sizes of the same flower punch, my own devised formula for the pots, and stickles for the middles of the flowers. I'm happier with some of them than with others, but c'est la vie, right? Aww... but they're cute if I do say so myself. I will be delivering them in person just so I can see what people think of them. I'm pretty pleased with myself, having not cut into any new paper or card to do this. Yay me!

And now, to bed. 'Night crafters! :)

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KraftyKaren said...

Hey my blog mummy has done an update! Great invites and well done on using all your scraps you thrifty little thing. If you look on my blog you will see I have been getting loads of cards out of my scraps, just by adding the cardblanks and sometimes a little extra cardstock from the scrapbag..