Thursday, 4 June 2009

Stalled a little...

Hello Ravelers and anyone else reading...

I seem to have stalled a bit on the crochet front lately. I don't know if it's just because I'm not plopped in front of the TV with my yarn quite so much, or something else... but I haven't worked on my dodecahedron in over a week! Probably closer to two weeks. And I haven't picked anything else up either!

It's such a lovely day. I think I'll bring my 'hedron to the park today and work on a few of my last remaining points. I love the idea of it, but the colours are not inspiring me. I chose to make it out of my bits and bobs and I'm tired of looking at them when I know I have some beautiful jewel brights in my stash just waiting to be stitched up into pretty birdies, penguins, and who knows what else!!!

I must stand strong. I must press on. Then I must buy another skein of blue chunky to make a bunny for Jake... *Then* I can move on to the birds!

I should be enjoying my projects though, not wishing them away. When I do finally settle in with my hook in hand, I do love it, but the thought of "getting through" something so I can start a new things creeps in.

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