Friday, 27 April 2007

Six pages this month so far...

Joining Niki's Craft-a-long has kicked me into gear doing two things that I have fallen behind on: My scrapbooking, and my TV. I am now caught up with Ugly Betty, and I've done six pages this month, all in the last two days!

I am posting photos of the pages I create while watching/listening to US Sitcoms on the craft-a-long blog, but the ones I get done in between, I will post here.
This lovely purple page uses paper from the DCWV Old World Stack, and some seed beads, fiber, and lovely letters cut with my Craft Robo. The flowers were made with four lengths of ribbon each, a brad, and a circle of cardstock.
How I made the flowers: I cut a circle of cardstock and stuck a brad in the middle. I put it upside-down on the table. I took four identical lengths of ribbon and found the middle of each, and laying them on top of the brad , poking through the middles. I criss-crossed them to make a flower, then looped both ends of each ribbon onto the brad as well to make the petals. I then opened the little legs of the brad to hold it all in place and stuck it to the page with that extra-strong double-sided tape with the red plastic covering. You know the type. I loved that. I thought it was great fun, and I'll be making more of those!

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Scrappy~Sarah said...

Love that lo Sy, love the blossoms and lol at the title